Is a crowded Bar a good wayspot or not?

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I entered the nomination for a bar, not just a generic bar, but one located near the Monza stadium (whose team plays in Serie A) believing it was eligible because it was a "crowded bar". 
Where fans meet each other before the game eating food.
I took inspiration from the Niantic guidelines which can be found on this page (at the bottom)

Unfortunately the nomination was not approved and after appealing I was told "We could not verify the existence of this Bar city at the specified location. Hence, we are unable to reverse the decision. We recommend that you resubmit the nomination with additional information"

Having said this, I redid the nomination, also because if the reason why they couldn't approve the wayspost was the location, I added information and photos to prove the quality of the location.
Here too, after Appeal, it was rejected again, now with different reasons: "The Wayspot nomination in question is a bar which includes liquor oriented business which is an ineligible location/object under Wayspot rejection criteria". 
Apart from the anger of having wasted TWO UPGRADES and TWO APPEALS, just because the Niantic guidelines are not at all clear, I really don't understand how on the one hand they can indicate a "crowded bar" as an ideal place for socializing and on the other reject him because he sells liquor. 
Sorry, have you ever seen a bar that doesn't sell liquor? Whether it's crowded or not?

I need help and a logical explanation, because I can't find one.

Thanks in advanced.

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    First, don’t pay too much attention to the appeals team. They don’t really know wayfarer criteria. They’re probably interns or monkeys. We’re not sure which. Anyway, some bars ONLY serve liquor and minors are not allowed inside. This is ineligible. “Pubs” and other synonyms which serve food, and minors are allowed, is eligible. But as you’ve experienced first hand, just because something is eligible does not mean it will get approved. I suggest trying again without an upgrade. Then local people will review it, instead of outsiders to the area.

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    This is not the case of Bar that serve only liquor.

    Inside you can find also candies for children if you need.

    So I have to consider that it has been rejected because considered as a bar forbidden to minors.

    This is crazy.

    In the first nomitation it has been rejected for the "not sure" location, when it was easilly visible on google maps streetview.

    In the second nomination it has been rejected because they thought that it was a bar forbidden to minors.

    ......what will be the third absurd reason?

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    wait until "business facility" disappears from the rejection criteria. then appeal

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    Can someone move this discussion to "Criteria Clarifications".

    Probably I put it in the wrong place.


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