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Upgrade Applied Itself Despite Multiple Pending Nominations

Sklarlight-PGOSklarlight-PGO Posts: 28 ✭✭

I just went into Wayfarer to check on my Upgrade as it was at 96% earlier today, and I just came back to find it automatically applied to a nomination that was already in voting, despite having a bunch of queued and voting nominations in progress, and I wanted to use it on a specific one, but I found out that it appeared to be used on a random one without me selecting it, I haven't even selected "Upgrade Next" on any of my nominations. I checked the FAQ and it says: "... you can select one nomination to which an Upgrade can be applied. This can be done from the Nominations section of Niantic Wayfarer. If you have only one pending nomination, by default the Upgrade will be used on that submission automatically." - I hadn't manually applied an Upgrade or Upgrade Next. Is it possible to get this Upgrade restored since it wasn't applied manually?

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