Incorrectly rejected description edit

Title of the Wayspot: Riverside Golf Club

Location: 43.866555, -79.071379

City: Ajax

Country: Ontario

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

Here was the email I received after I initially submitted the description edit…

The wayspot description currently states that it is an 18-hole course. This is incorrect. There are only 9 holes.

Photos to support your claim:

The Riverside Golf Club website ( clearly states at the top of their homepage that they are a 9-hole golf course…

The course layout looks like this…

How does something so obvious get rejected? The reviewers essentially had to have their eyes closed to get this wrong. Anyone who has ever played golf could look at that satellite image for five seconds and tell you that’s not an 18-hole course. And anyone who isn’t familiar with golf should have needed no more than 20 seconds to do a Google search and find the correct answer.

Do these edits just get decided by one or two incompetent reviewers? I can’t imagine that with a large enough group of reviewers that the majority would get this wrong.

Additional information:



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