Clarification on Removed POI & 3rd party photo

Good day, we have noticed that some of POI in a certain area has been Removed, is there a possibility that we know the reason of its removal and can we appeal for its reinstatement?

Example of removed PIO :

name : Aurora Aragon Memorial Marker

Gmaps Location :,121.562697&q=15.758836,121.562697

Intel Location :,121.562697&z=15&pll=15.758836,121.562697

Supporting :

The marker was installed by the National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NHCP) for the annotated list of people, places, or events in the region that have been commemorated by cast-iron plaques issued by the said commission. The plaques themselves are permanent signs installed in publicly visible locations on buildings, monuments, or in special locations and one of them is this.


POI : Manuel L. Quezon Statue

(2nd Philippines President)

Gmap Location :,121.562944&q=15.758863,121.562944


POI : Jose Rizal Statue - Baler

(Philippines National Hero)

Gmap location :,121.562765&q=15.758924,121.562765


And for clarification on the rule on POI is eligible but it used 3rd party photo to nominate it like this:

We got an complaint with same case with above discussion, and can we got enlighten on how we handle this concerns

Thanks you


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