Does this cemetery headstone qualify for a pokestop?

I've been frustrated by rejections that don't make any sense to me. So to better understand the mechanics of the process, I've been reading around the forum, and thought I would ask to get some more feedback. I've not nominated this yet, I thought I would see if it even qualified. I typically try to put interesting information in my nominations, and to have multiple rejections from what appears to be a misunderstanding by the reviewers, has been frustrating for this novice wayfarer. Sorry for the rant.

So does this headstone qualify?

On the headstone it states that the three deceased are brothers. And they are all WW2 veterans. It also states that another brother is buried in the Netherlands. This stone was brought to my attention by the former caretaker, and I find it very interesting.

I'm just trying to have a better understanding of the qualifications. TIA


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    I don't see anything particularly noteworthy about this burial. Who were these men, other than WWII vets? WWII was the largest war in history, so almost every town has burials of WWII vets.

    I have nominated individual graves, but they've been for people who had true local significance - one at a state level, the other was brother-in-law to one of the US's "founding fathers" and a veteran of the Revolutionary War.

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    I think part of the problem is that just because something “qualifies” does not mean that reviewers will rate it highly. There are very few things that inherently do not qualify. Things on school property, for example. But generally, reviewers want something interesting and unique. And although things in cemeteries can qualify, many reviewers see them as sensitive locations. Some cemeteries are more active with mourners and new headstones, while other cemeteries are more historical and people explore them more without bothering funerals. It might be a good idea to let us know a general area you are interested in nominating, and we can help you look for things that are more likely than not to be accepted.

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    Step 1 for me would be to consider the culture of the Cemetary. If the culture of the area welcomes guests/walkers/tours OR there are no more burials going on, I'd consider it I'm pretty lenient on this one. Especially since I don't get why Churches are autoaccepts and some people think graveyards are culturally insensitive. Hate to break it, but been at a lot of churches who find VR gaming to be completely culturally insensitive.

    If it was for a WW2 who died in the war, I'd lean toward yes. But they died years later. Did thier community even know they served, what makes them locally relevent? A link to a newspaper article, something? I'd lean toward no without that something.

    I'd also toward no, because the stone doesn't say WW2 veterans, the markers saying that looks seperate and stuck in, meaning maybe temporary or even fake. That would further push me to no.

    So even for me, this particular one, would fall on the no side.

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    Thank you for the feedback.

    So basically we have a grave stone stating three brothers are buried here. They all were veterans of World War II. For whatever reason they decided to be buried together.

    Another brother, as the stone indicates, was buried in the Netherlands. Was he buried there because he died in the war? Was he buried there because he found love and married, and lived out his life there?

    This may not qualify as Saving Private Ryan quality information, but I feel that it is significant that three brothers all from the same family fought in World War II.

    This is in a very rural cemetery. Might see three burials or so a year. I'm the one who does the burials, so I'm saying this as a fact.

    Of the stones in the cemetery there's one more significant, of a veteran who fought with General George Washington. It was approved.

    The third is probably from the local barber who was one of three brothers who were barbers for a living in the area. There's a nice picture of him holding his alpaca

    I don't see anything noteworthy about being related to someone who did something significant.

    Do you know many families that have three sons that served in a war?

    Especially in a time when communities would volunteer to go to war and have them be wiped out because they were all in the same squadron.

    I guess I'm probably going too deep for a casual game that has Starbucks pokestops 😁

    I've gathered much insight from this, thank you everyone for your input.

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