Gym restore Request

Title of the Wayspot: Strawberry

Location: 32.136875,34.84178

City: Ramat Hasharon

Country: Israel

Screenshot of the Rejection Email: This gym has been year ever since pokemon go started. I don't know who submitted it.

Photos to support your claim: Attached are - map before and after the removal. screenshot of campfire still showing the gym.

Additional information:

Hi, i'm the community ambassador for Pokemon Go in Ramat Hasharon, We usually have raid hours events in a few gyms, I was away for a week, when I came back home, I get messages from a community member tha that the nearest and second most popular gym in the neighborhood is gone!

The gym is called "Strawberry" and it is a statue that is near the central post office building.

It is different than another Strawberry gym nearby that is by the police station.

There is now a new gym that is very far away, next to another gym, that people rarely raid in because of it's far away destination (the water tower at the top of the hill at the highest point of the town where people don't really go) while the deleted gym (the town's central post office) that is frequently being visited, had 3 pokestops near it and those have remained stops (post office, bear 7 and city map). This old gym was there as an ingress portal even before I even stared playing Pokemon go! I'm very sad it's gone but I'm also sadder that there's no gym in this neighborhood's center anymore and makes it harder to do raid hours of special raid days. What can be done about it?

Even if this historical waypoint that was used by us for years cannot be restored I would like to ask that one of the other waypoints in the same S2 cell would become a gym instead of the far away one.

For example the City Map POI in the cell next to it.

This is the gym's campfire link


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