Footbridges Rejected

I've had a couple of footbridges rejected for seemingly strange reasons, while I understand one of them may not fully warrant a Waystop, I'm not certain why they've been rejected and thought I'd ask if there may be any opportunities for improvements or if these are simply not eligible stops.

For the first one, it's a brick-walled footbridge going above a train track. I've checked the requirements for footbridges and this bridge meets all the safety criteria as far as construction goes and there is no access to the track at all. I didn't use the graffiti as any of the options here, so it wouldn't have been easy to mistake it for the graffiti unless it was skimmed through without reading. Is this something I should just appeal when I have the option?

The second footbridge, which goes over a boggy marsh, was rejected for "Unsafe access" and being "Temporary/Seasonal", both of which aren't true, so I'd like to get more insight on this one, whether it's simply just not notable enough to warrant a Wayspot is fine. I've just seen too many rejection criteria for submissions that simply don't match the submission itself at all.


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