Graffiti is fine but stickers get declined?

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Hi everyone, I picked three entries as an example that stickers are not approved but if it would be graffiti (even bad ones) they would be.

Especially since there is a category for "stickers" to be selected as you enter the new stop.

Any suggestions how to improve it? Thank you for your help.

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  • FischerMinus88-PGOFischerMinus88-PGO Posts: 4 ✭✭

    Thank you. For your reply and maybe this is the reason why it was declined since it seems like "vandalism".

    I didn't do it but found them only. But I see how you could come to the conclusion.

    Still not sure why graffiti is still encouraged by being approved in a way and stickers not though.

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    Graffiti that is simple vandalism (like "tags") is generally viewed as not meeting any of the eligibility criteria (a great place to explore, exercise, or be social). Many reviewers also reject such graffiti because they expect that the property owner may remove it at any time.

    On the other hand, more elaborate art pieces would likely meet the "great place to explore" criteria, and by its nature, it's more likely to have been authorized by the property owner and therefore not be viewed as "temporary."

    With the above in mind, though, there are many, many cases where it's not clear which category something falls in; where it looks like it's somewhere in between simple vandalism and a full-blown art piece authorized by the property owner, and so reviewers have to make judgment calls. And there are certainly many cases where reviewers have either not understood the criteria or not applied the criteria correctly and approved simple vandalism such as tags. So that would likely contribute to why you may see such things in-game.

    As for these nominations, I would agree that they appear to fall into the category of simple vandalism. You might have a better argument if, say, one of these sticker collections were located inside of a comic shop or a restaurant, as then it would at least appear that it was authorized by the property owner, but you would still probably have trouble convincing reviewers that it meets the requirement of being a "great place to explore." With the sort of artistic graffiti that meets the criteria, it's usually clear that there was an artist who put quite a bit of effort into it to create an original art piece that would draw in viewers. That sort of artistic composition isn't really present in these; it just looks like someone took a bunch of stickers and slapped them on a surface at random.

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    Oh, one other thing: don't mention game-specific terms in your nomination descriptions. While I recognize that the original nomination features Pokémon, mentioning things like Community Days and Spotlight Hours, which are not relevant to the content of the nomination, is against the nomination guidelines. Remember that your nominations will appear in multiple Niantic games where mentioning such things will have no meaning.

  • FischerMinus88-PGOFischerMinus88-PGO Posts: 4 ✭✭

    Thank you for taking the time to explain this and it makes sense.

    Especially the part about the game specific terms. Didn't have this on my mind. 👍

  • patsufredo-PGOpatsufredo-PGO Posts: 4,104 ✭✭✭✭✭

    I think stickers like that will got weathered easily so they're not permanent.

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    Adding in, I'll also say that those stickers are simply too small and not noticible enough.

    Any graffiti that I have seen make it into the game is far larger and more noticable. Something you might see for real for distance and go over to look at (Explore) without seeing it just as a POI in an app.

    I've nominated one restaurant window that was full of stickers but they were large like a 3 foot hot with legs running... and even though it was on 2 years worth of map views, it got temporaried and denied.

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