Should Niantic reset the map globally?

As everyone already knows, players use tools like iitc, or other platforms to benefit mainly in Pokemon GO, the rest of the players are left behind, why doesn't Niantic use wayspots in all their games?

I know that ingress is the only game where 100% of the wayspots appear

Well, I really don't have a problem with this, but I wonder what would happen if they performed a global reset and everything was as it should be, correcting wayspots on top of others, or very close together. new gyms. among others.


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    Hello and welcome. You seem to have an interest in Wayfarer and are thinking about how it works. Unfortunately, you're basing this on some not quite right information. But we are here to help!

    Ingress does not use 100% of all Wayspots. Ingress has a 20 m rule. If a POI is closer than 20 m to another, Ingress won't ingest it onto its map. Sometimes, that POI might be in Pokemon GO. It's rare, but if a submitter "paints the corners" of cells, those POI could be spaced right for PGO, while being too close to each other for Ingress. (I'm not advocating for incorrect placement, sometimes correct placement allows for this corner issue.)

    If a POI doesn't meet the inclusion rules for either PGO or Ingress, it becomes a Lightship only POI. Lightship is the master map or database that all the games use. The concept *should* be that if a POI from PGO or Ingress is removed (for various legit reasons), a Lightship only POI should then be able to appear in its place if it now meets the inclusion rules. Unfortunately, right now that will only happen with PGO. Ingress has a syncing problem that blocks those POI from showing up. (And this is getting a little technical, but there's also a problem where Lightship only POI can block Ingress POI from syncing into the game that should otherwise meet the inclusion rules.)

    IITC is still the primary map many people use, but there are more and more Lightship only POI missing from that map. We don't have a good solution to see the full Lightship map with cell lines yet.

    As for your main question, I'm not sure what you mean by "correcting it so everything is as it should be." If there are 2 POI close to each other, each game would have chosen the first to go live. We often lament that because sometimes a rather dull POI was approved and then something much more interesting appeared but is blocked from a game. But there's nothing we can do about that if the older POI is still in place.

    If you have proof that the real world item a POI is tied to is no longer present, feel free to go through the official steps to get it removed. You can help keep the board clean and up-to-date.

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    Hello and welcome @slytrux-PGO

    The wayspots are used in a variety of ways in other games.

    You seem to understand the S2 cells rules for Pokémon Go. The rule for Ingress is 20m radius. This means there are wayspots in the database that do not appear in Ingress but do appear in Pokémon Go. And some that appear in neither of those games.

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    Should Niantic reset the map globally?


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    I've had a "secret dream" that I think is similar to what the original poster described in their last paragraph. In this dream, Niantic would use the Lightship database as it is but rerun the in-game POI determination algorithms from scratch using the current rules, applying them by date. So the oldest wayspots would be added to the in-game map first, then newer wayspots would be added if allowed by the game's algorithm, an so on until they reach the most recent wayspots.

    It would eliminate existing abusive clusters that were created under previous algorithms. Going forward, they would then consistently apply the current algorithms that don't allow for such abuse to both new and moved wayspots.

    But it's extremely unlikely to happen.

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    Unless this effects Ingress, I don't see what this would do. I don't know of any S-Cells in Pokemon with 2 POIs in it. I do know of some legit clusters because of the luck of being where 4 cells corner.

    I did have a POI accepted and had to have it accepted again, because it was pre-lightship and too close to another Ingress stop but in an eligible PMG Cell... so it never got into Lightship which was populated at first from Ingress.

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