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Politically Related Nominations

WillowWinters-PGOWillowWinters-PGO Posts: 24 ✭✭

I'm not talking about political headquarters and such, but mainly statues and monuments that espouse a certain controversial political belief.

The thing I have had direct trouble with is shines/memorial statues to aborted "children." I am in great conflict about these, because if they were to almost anything else I would 5* them. I don't feel like these type of POIs belong in the game, however. They can be triggering, if nothing else.

It's along the lines of the Confederate statues. Should POC have to vote on the merit of those when there is no "appropriateness" category? You (Niantic) are removing them from the game, so clearly you don't think something so politically charged should remain in the games, so what about other issues?


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