Title and Description Edit - Wishi Washi & Lapras mural

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Title of the Wayspot: Wishi Washi & Lapras mural

Location: https://intel.ingress.com/intel?pll=34.201625,-118.449994 / 34.201625,-118.449994

City: Los Angeles, CA

Country: USA

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

Photos to support your claim:

Additional information: According to Google, that particular Pokemon name is spelled Wishiwashi, not Wishi Washi:

You'd figure that PoGo player who submitted this wayspot would know but...

Please rename the wayspot and change the description. Also, considering that the car wash place is now named LUV Car Wash according to Google and Yelp and not Wishi Washi Car Wash, the description should be "Wishiwashi and Lapras mural at LUV Car Wash"



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