Whole Community Baffled

This one I am baffled on along with the other 10+ folks I communicate with on nominating. Total loss of words. The whole community had been shown as a big field of dirt on google maps, but was recently added to satellite and street views so finally got to nomimate the poi without worry. Or so I thought. I am open for your opinions. Harsh or nice let me have it. I placed the pin inonthe bottom right corner of pavillion. The nearby Chill and Grill poi is described as the hammockm and grill patio area only. I will admit that I accidentally named it Trails End instead of Trailside. Is that enough reason for denial? Google label is not even visible from the viewing screen when reviewing I think. I hope I included all the necessary details and photos you will need to figure out why. Thanks and let me have it! I am a big boy and can handle it. FYI if I respond on your comment I am not upset or arguing or saying you are wrong just stating my opinion. Thank you for your help.

Lccation: 34.830947, -82.343989. Might have been a max of 1'6" off max. That enough for denial?


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