Location edit >700m, Aberdeenshire

Title of the Wayspot: Gallow Hill

Current Location: 56° 57′ 34.55″ N, 2° 13′ 1.54″ W⁩

Actual Location: 56° 57′ 17.88″ N, 2° 13′ 28.43″ W⁩

City: Stonehaven

Country: United Kingdom (Scotland)

Photos to support your claim:

Geotagged photo from the path facing towards where the waypoint is marked:

Geotagged photo facing towards the actual location:

Additional information: This point has been here since at least the launch of Pokémon Go and was for a while difficult to access due to being at the bottom of a steep valley with no path. It is now more accessible but still wildly off from the actual location of the Gallows Hill, about a kilometre or so south on foot. I cannot move it in-game as the distance between the marked and actual location is too far.

Another point of note is that the sign differs from the pictured stop. I'm not sure if this was an old sign or another one in the area I didn't notice.



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