Location edit appeal

Kv. Tulpanen

58,586807, 16,188865



Portal is located on the wrong side of the street, and its pretty easy to see through streetview. Today the portal is outside the Tacobar, but as shown in the streetview the portal isnt visible anywhere at the location.

Looking on the other side of the street, close to the banc of SEB, the plaque is clearly visible on the streetview. I added a simple screenshot of the map, where its easy to see where the Tacobar and the SEB is located in relation to the portal. Its not so far from its right position, but it would be a shame if the poi were to be reported as missing since it vps-activated and frequently visited by several players.

I hope I also suggested the correct location in my edit, but cant view what location I choose. Hopefully you will be able to determinate this poi’s real position with this info. If this isnt sufficent enought I will provide geotagged photos as well.



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