This coffee plant art was rejected

I submitted this artwork of the coffee plant on the side of a Costa cause I thought it looked nice and unique. It got rejected for "generic business".

I didn't think much about it when I submitted it and I don't really go to costa so I don't know if it's like this in any other Costas.

Is this worth an appeal?


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    Looks a bit like wallpaper... I can understand the rejection reason, the art doesn't really grab the reviewers, so they focused on the coffee place itself. I wouldn't waste an appeal on it. Maybe a second nomination, but if that doesn't work, I'd let it go...Maybe the coffee place itself has more chance as a socializing place.

    If you nominate again, you could mention something about the place itself. But they both come across a bit generic to me..

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    A look at Google Lens comes up with no match for the image, but it does look a bit generic. Also indoors wayspots tend not to be popular with reviewers as it is hard to verify the location. I personally wouldn't use an appeal on it, there are often valid wayspots around the grounds of hospitals (away from emergency areas) that are worth submitting.

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    Oh, if it's wallpaper then I guess it would make sense why it was rejected.

    I feel like a case could be made for the area as a whole, as many people, especially elderly people (who I would assume might also be patients/have relatives who are) tend to sit there and chat with each other or read a newspaper. The problem is though is that it's usually busy, so it'd be hard for me to get a photo of it without people in it, and also there isn't really a distinct marker for it which would make it harder to pass as reviewers prefer permanent anchors for places over the place itself. There's also a charity shop to the left that sells a lot of handmade items to raise funds for the hospital iirc, I remember looking into it over the festive season and seeing some really pretty Christmas soft toys, I wonder if I could make a case for that too.

    I might try submitting it again though, but if it doesn't pass I'll just let it go. I've gotten other things approved in the other side of the hospital too, which is enough for me.

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    Hey @openPoll-PGO, I've seen some of your waypoints in game. You can find me on the Croydon Pokémon Go telegram group if you want to coordinate so we don't submit the same things.

    I had coffee artwork accepted at Mr Tinto near the station, but that is outdoors, hand painted, visible on street view, not in a hospital, is a local independent stall and not the largest coffee chain in the UK.

    In the description and supporting text l told the story of the business, and included links to local press coverage.

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