Invalid Wayspot - Tujunga Wash Trail Marker

Title of the Wayspot: Tujunga Wash Trail Marker

Location:,-118.418922 / 34.188251,-118.418922

City: Los Angeles, CA

Country: USA

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

Additional information:

Today was a very nice and sunny day, so I decided to take a walk along Tujunga Wash trail from Sherman Way to Victory:

As I crossed Vanowen and was walking towards Victory, I noticed this sign:

The sign was at approximately this location, according to my photo's geo tag:

This sign was not on the trail but some distance away from it:

As I continued walking, I found another sign:

This sign was at the exact location of the wayspot in question and was in Spanish, although the photo of wayspot shows a sign in English:

According to Google Translate, its message was similar to that of the first sign I encountered:

This sign was a bit off the trail, too:

I continued walking, and then I saw this sign:

The location of this sign, again from photo's geo tag, is approximately here:

Judging from the bottom of the wooden post, someone broke the sign and moved it here:

I think that it's safe to assume that its original location was also off the trail, but let's proceed - some distance from this sign there was another one:

This sign was hiding a bit off the trail, just like the others:

Its approximate location:

As I was approaching the gates, something caught my eye:

It looked very familiar to me, and then I realized that this is the POI for the wayspot in question! It has the same stain on top, the same rocks under it, and the same background!

But this sign was here, far away from its wayspot, next to its Spanish counterpart:

As I walked back, I took some photos of the stream mentioned on the signs. It was mostly dry now after all the rains that battered California and Los Angeles in particular:

I hope you enjoyed my story about my short walk, the point of which is this:

The POI in question is a sign that basically says "This water is bad for you, don't drink it". It's informational in the same way as "Keep your dog an a leash" signs found on other trails and in parks. It doesn't make it a trail marker, though.

The POI (and other similar signs) is located off the trail and says nothing about the trail itself, so again - not a trail marker. It's a straight trail between two fences on each side anyways, so it's very hard to get lost on it. You add asphalt, and it will become a walkway.

The wayspot for this POI is located over a hundred meters away from the POI itself:

This is a deceptive nomination that was done wishy washy (not to be confused with Wishiwashi Pokemon) either by accident or on purpose, and it should not have been approved, let alone nominated.

Please remove this wayspot.

PS If you need photos with geo tags, I will be happy to provide them, as long as you explain how.

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