Nuovo pokestop non visibile sul gioco


ho proposto in data 24/01/2024 un nuovo pokestop. Inizialmente non è stata accettata, invece , dopo aver sollecitato e aver spiegato bene le motivazioni di quella candidatura è stata poi accettata. Ma ad oggi ancora non è visibile sul gioco.

la domanda quindi sorge spontanea.. come mai? Quanto dovremo ancora aspettare? Grazie anticipatamente!!


  • PkmnTrainerJ-INGPkmnTrainerJ-ING Posts: 5,049 Ambassador

    To add to what @The26thDoctor-PGO has said, it sounds like you did an Appeal and it was recently approved?

    If so, there hasn’t been a Pokémon GO sync for the last few days. If it does meet the inclusion rules mentioned, it may pop up when the sync happens again.

  • Elijustrying-INGElijustrying-ING Posts: 5,273 Ambassador

    Hello and welcome @ARYEAUX-PGO

    Your approved wayspots first get added to the Lightship database.

    Each individual game decides on specific rules as to how it will select wayspots to use from that database. 

    There hasn’t been a sync to Pokémon Go over the weekend, it is likely to happen later today if it gets fixed.

    If you provide the title and location (coordinates or exact address) we can check if it is likely to be selected for PokemonGo and appear once sync happens or if it is unlikely to have met the inclusion rules and not appear.


    Ciao @Elijustrying-ING e grazie per la risposta esaustiva .

    la nuova proposta si chiama “BIMBI BELLI” e si trova in “via dei mille - casette d’ete” .. vorrei capire se avrò mai una possibilità nel visualizzarlo nel gioco..

  • Elijustrying-INGElijustrying-ING Posts: 5,273 Ambassador


    Unfortunately it won’t appear.

    Your wayspot is in the Lightship database.

    But it is very close to another one.

    Each game sets its own rules as to what it will take from Lightship to use in that particular game.

    For Pokémon Go the rules revolve around the use of some mapping software commonly referred to as S2 cells it  breaks down the surface into smaller and smaller cells - each size is referred to as level and a number. 

    Google: S2 cells and Pokémon Go - Pokémongohub  has a very good explanation.

    The key is that in Pokémon Go only accepts 1 wayspot in each Level 17 cell, so if there is already a pokestop or gym in the game, in that cell, yours will not be selected to enter Pokémon Go.

    This is what has happened in your case.

    The green and red lines mark the cell boundary. Your wayspot does not appear on this map as it is too close to the other wayspot ( within the 20m grey circle) which means it is not included in Ingress either.

    There is nothing that can be done about this. It is disappointing and frustrating when this happens, but don’t let it put you off submitting. Learn about the inclusion rules to avoid disappointment.

    As there are not that many wayspots in the area and there is potential

    A play area and some noticeboards for example.


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