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Curious to why my memorial bench stop request got denied i live in a new estate and the closest stop is more than 7 min walk away so tried to nominate a new memorial bench that was recently installed but got denied almost immediately


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    Memorial benches need to be for significant people to be eligible. I have no idea who Lee is, but if he's just someone's uncle/dad/brother, then it's a generic memorial bench. If he was someone like the former mayor, or maybe a local author who was well known, or someone more internationally well known like an actor, singer or athlete (for example), then it should be OK. However, if that photo you posted is your main photo, then you have another problem in that there's a clearly visible number plate in the photo.

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    As HankWolfman says, it doesn't appear to be for a notable person and there's a clearly visible number plate. The photograph is also tilted which will get negative reviews for orientation.

    It looks like the bench is in some sort of community garden or pocket park which might be a valid wayspot, especially if there's a sign or some other object to act as a focal point. New build estates often have lots of small play areas or nature reserves, or sports facilities or community halls. Sadly, sometimes they are just deserts.

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    How far away your nearest Wayspot is has no bearing on the decisions the reviewers make so I would hope that wasn’t mentioned in your nomination.

    In addition, you say it was denied almost immediately. Does it have a rejection reason on Wayfarer? If not, it will have been rejected by the machine learning that Niantic are using and no people saw it.

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    If that was the photo you used, I can see a license plate in the background. You need to avoid those in your pictures.

    And memorial benches are a hard sell for a lot of reviewers. Some will reject them unless they’re plated in gold and dedicated to George Washington.

    I have no problem with them unless there’s something else wrong with the nomination. Like a license plate.

  • Bluerosebell-PGOBluerosebell-PGO Posts: 6 ✭✭

    It's the way you took the picture. Take a close up the of plaque

  • Cowyn2016-PGOCowyn2016-PGO Posts: 583 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Memorial Benches are one of the trickiest submission. They often trick new submitters because a large number are in the game, but the criteria has changed. So while new ones are possible, they are harder to get passed. However, if there was no rejection reason as mentioned earlier there is a good chance the AI noticed the plate and rejected it.

    The best piece of advice I can give you is use your supporting info well. The criteria are "Explore" "Gather/Socialize" and "Exercise" say which you are going for. There's a good thread over in Criteria Clarifications that delves into this but

    Let's start with Exercise: if its not part of a trail exercise is probably out and even then its arguement.

    Gather/Socialize is also hard to convince people, like why would people meet there. Maybe there's a view or spot or reason, but it would be up to you to sell that.

    That leaves Explore. Explore could be if the bench is truly artistic, but this one doesn't seem to be. That means explore has to be about how the person the bench is dedicated to is explore worthy. Links to newspaper articles or biographies help. Some people think it has to be some nationally famous person, but thats really not the standard. Someone important to the local community is sufficient

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    stand infront of the bench and take a better picture if anything also we would have to see the full nomination to better help you

  • rufoushumming-PGOrufoushumming-PGO Posts: 1,367 ✭✭✭✭✭

    There are three reasons at first glance. And please note I am only going on the first post here. So without the full picture.........

    I would say that bench gets moved around. It is not fixed to the ground. So it look temporary in that position

    Unless the memorial was for someone of import with evidence provided then it is an hard sell. If it is just a 6in plaque for someone that has been paid for. Councils/Local Government Authorities the world over charge money for X years so you can remember them. Like some public parks get you to pay for a plaque under a tree. End of the day - importance to family - not importance in a heritage/historical manner. It will get rejected particularly if no zero evidence of importance provided

    The photo. Does not help. But as I cannot tell from that photo if that was nomination I don't know. But if the nomination photo was that then it does not do any justice.

    to help could you copy and paste the entire nomination with all text, photos and map link. That can help others provide better insight on how to improve or otherwise the nomination :-)

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