Barbershops, Generic Business or Cultural Hotspot?

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Hello there Wayfarer community, I'm reaching out for your help on this one. I'm quite frustrated about a recent denial and I want some fed back. If you don't know my, I'm the co-host of the Wayspotters Podcast with @Glawhantojar-PGO.

So - I nominated a local barbershop in my city, Charlotte, NC. It's a barbershop I've gone to for years. On any given Saturday. You'll see Fathers and Sons in there together waiting to get a fresh cut and or line up. The Saturday morning cut is kind of a right of passage in the African American community, especially in the southern US. Something I did with my Dad and my older brother as well. I'm attaching a copy of the nomination for you all to see.

The nomination was marked as a "Generic business" and summarily denied. No, if you've listened to the podcast I've talked about the horrendous backlog in Charlotte, so I won't dive into that here. But, because of it. I used an upgrade to get more eye on the nomination. I think this was an error. Not sure if people outside of the area would understand that the barbershop IS AN IMPORTANT PLACE IN THE COMMUNITY. Or it could be I didn't sell it hard enough, because I didn't think I had to.

Which brings up another point that I may talk about on the show. "Should your descriptions be different if you are upgrading the nomination versus leaving it local" I maybe on to something here.

Anyway, please look at the photos and give me your thoughts and opinions. I am about 10-12 days away from earning an appeal. I really want to appeal this one and have the wayfarer team look at it and give their feedback. I'd love to know what @NianticLC or @NianticAustin-ING think about this.

--steps off the soapbox--

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