Constantly getting into Poor

Hi, I know you hear that a lot but, let's hear again so we may thing on something or maybe Nia do something about this.

I've been reviewing wayspots for quite a month, almost two. I'm not new to reviewing wayspots but yes, I may do my mistakes when reviewing.

But what I feel I'm seeing is quite an abuse of the system. People with lots of accounts (ingress and many... many pokemon eligible accounts) so they can affect/impact/influence the system do do as they want it.

Many legit and great nominations I and my friends send to the system are denied for no reason at all (if we could see what kind of reason it was denied, then we could have knowledge of maybe who or the group that are reviewing this bad and making it almost impossible to make the wayspot come true and live into both Ingress and Pokemon Go (and now Monster Hunter Now)

And all this come to this evaluation of how good or bad we review a nomination. I'm pretty sure I'm not doing that many mistakes so my reviews get in discordance with most of the community reviews, and yes I'm not matching up with other reviewers to influence the metrics of the system.

Hope this finds a way through Nia staff and maybe a good balance comes over time


  • DTrain2002-PGODTrain2002-PGO Posts: 448 ✭✭✭

    In regards to both nominations and reviews, I prefer quality over quantity.

    For nominations, I really only submit places that I know have a high chance of getting past the AI, and then will be accepted by the community. If I have any questions about whether a place would be a good nomination or not, I'll take a look here on the forums to see if there are any pros and cons for said place. I may also research certain places that I nominate, and, if there is any info I find helpful, include that in the nomination.

    As for reviewing, I don't like to rush my way through them. Take, for example, a Little Free Library. While it does meet criteria for exploration and possibly socialization, if it's on private property or at a school, it's not an appropriate location and I'll reject it. I also frequently open up Google Maps for a clearer satellite view, and, if need be, multiple past Street Views, if available, if I'm unsure if the place is where the nominations says it is.

    It can take a little longer to review based on quality, but once you get used to it, you will be able to get higher quality reviews done faster, and hopefully, improve your Wayfinder rating, which is only based on your reviewing.

  • Pedecola-INGPedecola-ING Posts: 8 ✭✭

    Hi! Thanks @SeaprincessHNB-PGO and @DTrain2002-PGO for the comments and yes, I do agree with you both as I only submit places that as mostly commom to pass the AI and get voted by the community.

    I'll post below some of the submissions I made that got rejected and similar ones that got approved we can validate what we are talking about.

  • Pedecola-INGPedecola-ING Posts: 8 ✭✭

    @SeaprincessHNB-PGO and @DTrain2002-PGO this is one kind of submit that was reproved

    Portal name: Skate Grafite (Skate Graffiti)

    Description: Grafite da palavra Skate feito por artistas locais da samambaia sul (Skate graffiti made by local artits from Samambaia Sul) (Samambaia Sul is a neighborhood here in the city I live)

    This one was rejected for being a temporary exposition and particular home or farm/ranch.

    Portal name: Amor e Arte na Samambaia (Love and Art at Samambaia)

    Description: Grafite com os dizeres amor e arte de artistas locais da samambaia sul (Graffiti with the words love and art by local artists from Samambaia Sul).

    My point is: these 2 waypoints are on the same wall of a residential building near where I live. I sent them both as 2 separate waypoints, respecting the minimum distances between them. The second waypoint was approved and the first was not.

    The point here is: Yes, they may be temporary since anyone can paint them over, but why one was approved and the other not? I know they aren't reviewed by the same players from both Pokemon Go and Ingress.

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