Location edit > 60m : Wayspot is on the wrong building

Title of the Wayspot: 순천큰빛교회

(This Wayspot is Church)

Current Location: 34.947850, 127.522259

Correct Location: 34.9472957, 127.5222356

City: Suncheon-si, Jeollanam-do

Country: Korea


Current location:

Correct Location:

Location Edit:

📢 The building on the right side of the picture is not a church building because it is an officially operated Women's Cultural Center in Suncheon-si, Korea.

(http://www.grandculture.net/suncheon/toc/GC07600709 👈 This is the URL where the government introduces this center.)

The correct location of the church is located on the other side and is marked in the picture.

So, I hope to move Wayspot which has been in the wrong location to the correct location.



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