Duplicate wayspot for a mural

Title of the Wayspot: Cliffside Golf course

Location: 43.70836, -79.248664

City: Toronto

Country: Canada

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

Photos to support your claim:

There are two wayspots for the same mural.

One wayspot is titled ‘Cliffside Golf Course Mural’…

…and the other, which I reported as a duplicate for removal, is ‘Cliffside Golf course’. As you can see below, the duplicate wayspot is on the wrong side of the road and doesn’t even have a wayspot picture.

Additional information:

As you can see from both streetview and satellite view, there is no actual physical golf course here. The wayspot that I reported is clearly just a duplicate for the mural.

The mural even includes a written history of the golf course and clearly states that Cliffside Golf Course was only in operation from 1931-1950.

In case it’s not clear, the mural reads,

“After 1950 the golf course was closed as new housing and commercial development spread along Kingston Road. This mural is dedicated to the residents of Cliffside and to the golfers whose fond memories have brought the golf course back to life on this wall”.

Further information about the mural can be found at https://muralroutes.ca/mural/cliffside-golf-course/


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