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Clarification on Trail Markers and Park Features within 40m of Private Residences

Hi, I just wanted some clarification on this.

I think my question is fairly straight forward. Trail Markers with trail names are almost always great nominations as they encourage the community to get out, exercise, and explore their surroundings. Some park features like gazebos and playgrounds are usually great nominations as they are community gathering places and encourage social interaction (although, with COVID, maybe not so much lol).

In my city and in many nominations I've reviewed, these markers and park features are often in neighborhoods and as such near private residences. In one case in my town, a trail marker is on a public trail but is maybe 10 feet (for my non-Americans, ~3m) from the fence of a nearby house. In the Jan 2020 Clarifications, Niantic mentions the distance 40m to keep as a buffer between private residences and outdoor playgrounds, but I want to know if this extends to...well, pretty much every other type of nomination. Nominations that are in a public park or on a public trail that just happen to be within 40m of someone's home should still be eligible, in my opinion, but I want to know if they are actually ineligible simply because of geographic proximity to aforementioned homes.



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