Photo app to fake wayspots

I recently moved from My Home Town, and moved ti a place 3 km away from the nearest pokestop or gym, so started seaching places near by to have something were i can go and ay least do My daily spin... Started yo know people un this new city. Since I usually vote on Wayfarer started yo motive false ir fake nominación near My house, i'm a lit player and I don't like spoofing or doing stuff that un My perspectives ruin the Game, si i reportes those nominación as abuse. Few days later a pokestop appeared ay My house. IL be honest i had mixes feelings, then someone from the local players told me on how to use a photo app so i can fake photos from My phone gallery to use them un My nominations... Ive never used it, and this is the type of stuff that ruin the Game... Now when i Review already found nominations Ive Made in other countries near by they save images from nominations and steal them to Make their own... Now when i Review i don't know if things are real or not, niantic should do something about it.

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