outdoor stage

I have an outdoor stage that i am trying to get approved. I have tried 6 times. Always gets the Generic Business reject along with a range of BS reasons (todays, doesnt reflect real world location (you can see it clearly on sat and has an awesome SV) and live animal. both are trash, lazy, BS rejections)

It is part of a downtown city greenspace park, 150' wide by half city block deep. Stage has a big garage door for the deep stage area, no signage on the building, but 10 ft of "outside stage", nice dance pad in front of stage and grass space. the area looks like a town event venue. the park its self is a waypoint (front edge of park, stage is at back of park) and there is one for a mural on a building next door to the park, but facing the park

I have talked about the history of the place, what happens, importance to the community, taken awesome pictures, supporting has the park name sign from a distance with other "its here" indicators, etc but i cannot get it approved. any tips?

I know a supporting of it being used would probably help, but i dont have any, and with COVID, not sure when i will be able to get some. But googling the park will bring up logs of "in use"

I have seen other parks that have similar stages that are waypoints (including a few newly built parks since it went to Wayfarer)

any tips? i have upgraded it a few times. would not upgrading it help so its more of a local reviewer base (3-8 week turn around usually in my area)


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