Help getting a POI in a very rural area.

Hello, I submitted a POI and to be honest i didn't think it would get approved but is was worth a try and really the only spot around i could think of worth trying. I live in a very wooded area and my neighborhood is rather small. We really don't have any features that would stand out in a photo but the one place i tried is a decent place for a POI. I figured i would try the community pond/beach/boat ramp/fishing spot. Its a public area with a good amount of curb side parking and lots of public space.

The spot i chose to focus on was the boat ramp but sadly it isn't much of a ramp and has no sign. Its just a small concrete road connecting from the street intersecting through the beach into the water. It divides the area into a fishing spot and swimming spot. It was rejected for being a natural spot which its not but maybe because i included the pond in the background. It was also rejected for being on private property or a farm which its not and my supporting photo clearly showed the public beach and parking. I also cannot provide much information on it except the decade it was built and what its used for.

There isn't a poke stop or gym for many miles around and naturally id try near where i live and where i know others play. In an area with nothing more than ponds, trees and street signs how am i to get a poke stop if truly the best spot is not good enough? I thought about making a permanent sign supporting our boat ramp but i don't think i could make one all that interesting.

Does anyone know any ideas or things i can try in my area? We have no stores or statues or art around its just houses and woods, streets and rocks and ponds. I really like the feature to nominate spots and i can see it working out really well for well populated area but from what i have read there is not much support for rural players.


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    It sucks when you live somewhere where nothing meets criteria.

    You can check for any waymarked walking trails in the area? Or just try out your wood carving skills and start decorating the local woods?

    One of my friends lives in a very rural area too, they actually investigated the local history and made some educational signs to put up around the area and got those accepted as stops. It was a lot of effort but the stops came through and it improved the area too - the signs were really well made! So making signs to showcase particular spots can work out, as long as they are done nicely (and true, obviously!)

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    I would suggest speaking to your local council to mark walking trails, also the boat ramp could be marked by council with safety messages for locals, if it is on Public land. Councils are responsible for safety in their local areas.

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    Unless you're willing to share your location, which I don't really advise doing here, we can't help much.

    I would suggest appealing your boat ramp and reiterating in the appeal text that "per 3.1 update refresh signage is not a requirement; this is the only water access site for this area and used by visitors across the region for recreational use to explore and exercise. Water recreation is a significant cultural activity for the region" or something similar. I've had success with 2 similar POI on appeal (but also lost a 3rd).

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    This thread is 2 years old, and the OP only sent a single message. Just saying...

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