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"Appears to be on school property..."

Hi folks. New. Still trying to figure this out.

Someone has submitted a mural painted on a shipping container that is being used to store emergency supplies. In the event of a disaster, the school is a centre where up to 200 people can assemble for assistance, and that's what the supplies are for. However, the container is not actually on school property. It has been very carefully positioned just over the property line so that it is on city property. (I checked using the municipal mapping system. The dotted lines represent the shipping container, based on the sattelite image from another layer).

Technically, it's not on school property, so technically this should be an acceptable waypoint, right?

I have misgivings because it appears to be contrary to the purpose of the guidelines about not approving waypoints that "appear to be on school property". Am I over thinking this?


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