Robinsons Sweet Hut - Generic Business?

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Hi everyone.

Figured I'd post this here and see what you all think of this as I'm struggling to get this through, I've been told by several people already that it's a good sub, lots of good information, yet the consensus say it's a generic business.

4 attempts at it, 4 rejections for generic business.

My supporting bitly links go to the following websites: - -

I don't want to re-type all the above information here, but I'm not sure what else to do, it's a unique, non-chain, single/sole existence here (1 and only 1, not part of a chain), the business has changed hands and changed names over the years, but has remained constant towards it's goal of being an independent sweet shop. At the time of my photos, they were closed because of the health crisis. I would love to add a more detailed history but character limits on the desc are max limited to 256 characters. (long live Redacted)

More so, I'm concerned because of the recent AMA answers about potential punishments on people who subs are rejected over and over, I'm not gonna go out of my way to find unique interesting things like this if I'm gonna be punished for it.

I've given over 100yrs of history of this place, what else can I really offer?


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    I would've passed it, the supporting statement is pretty convincing. Perhaps you can try again without applying an upgrade? Maybe your locals will see more value in it than someone from the other side of UK. Otherwise, maybe try to sell the art on the right side of the shed as a mural?

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    Id re sub it, maybe change the description and or title to include that its a point of interest on the Baildon heritage trail.

    Could always try "Baildon Heritage trail : Sweet Moments" as the title, really lay it on heavy to them about it being an important POI to the community

    Unfortunately it just looks like a closed shed at the moment and many people will knee **** to a 1* generic business response just from the picture and the title.

    ** edit, J E R K is a censored word ? Really, makes **** sauce sound ruder. @NianticCasey-ING is there any improvements coming to the really over zealous language filter, the forum TOS are still censored by it, its just stupid

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    Your supporting info shows it's changed hands and been renamed several times in recent years, that really hurts the idea that it's something special.

    Businesses are by far the hardest wayspots to get approved and this isn't a super strong candidate.

    I would probably 1 star this as a generic business or maybe 3 stars if you play up the heritage trail aspect of it and I was feeling generous.

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