Historical building converted into flats - PRP?

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Hi again

Need some help/thoughts with this one, as I originally thought this should of been an easy sinker, but apparently not so.

3 attempts at it, 3 rejections for PRP, however from my understanding, PRP refers to single family residence which this is not, the building which was originally a chapel & school room in the early 1800's, the school room was demolished and the chapel converted into flats which I understand is the same as apartments, in that they are MRP (multi residence property) and not PRP. I admit I got my dates wrong, the place was originally built in 1818, not 1832, '32 was when it changed into the school at the time (see my supporting)


See from the above website, the school room was demolished which is now where the car park for the flats are. Under UK law, the people living there currently do not own the building or the land it sits on, flats are rented property, however I know each country is different and thus we use US law which is where the AMA question comes in about flats/apartments being MRP and should not be rejected for PRP.

Please help? not sure what else I can do to prove what I've given in my sub is true.


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