New picture being denied (praia brava)

Title of the Wayspot: Bem Vindo à Praia Brava

Location: -25.89062,-48.561483

City: Guaratuba

Country: Brazil

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

I'm trying to submit a new picture of a already existing Portal, but it is being denied. It's a wooden beach sign with the name of the beach and other things writen, but the old picture (the current) is outdate and the paint is already torned out anda damage. The picture i'm trying to send is from the same wooden sig, but repainted and update. You can see by the format of the plaques that is the same thing. I even submited a scan of it today.

Looking them side by side is very obvious that are the same structure. Only changes are the way it is painted and the main information (name of the beach) is still there (PRAIA BRAVA, on first and second plank of each picture).

This is both pictures over each other.

I have uploaded my original picture as an atachment:



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