Invalid Wayspot Removal(?)

Title: Skatebahn

Location: 51.657574, 6.967764 (approximately)

City: Dorsten

Country: Germany

A few days ago we lost a wayspot in our city due to a removal which we believe is unjustified.

This skatepark hasn't been removed! It is currently being modernized/renovated. Unfortunately this renovation takes a lot of time (due to previous bureaucratic difficulties and possible bombs from WW2) so it may seem, for people that are not from here/are uninformed, that this skatepark has been removed and will be replaced with something else.

Is this removal still justified or are we wrong in our assumption?

If not can this removal (and possibly the consequences of it aswell) be reverted? Resubmitting is obviously not an option currently and will probably not be an option for the near future (I don't believe they will finish it this year as they are still at the beginning).

Unfortunately my PoGo community lost a very popular Ex-Raid Gym due to this removal. Another Pokestop got promoted to a Gym due to the removal, so we still have that, but we would like to have it back to the previous state if possible or atleast just the Wayspot back so we have a "new" pokestop.

I'm sorry if this was the wrong category, but I thought this doesn't fit to "Invalid Wayspot Appeals" as it is not a Wayspot anymore.


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