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Residential Neighborhood Name Signs

I'm seeing a lot of residential neighborhood signs submitted (ex I pulled up from Google). I had assumed they were acceptable because I used to live in a named neighborhood (not gated) and both our entrance signs were pokestops/portals. I also used to petsit for someone who lived next to a gated community and that neighborhood sign was a gym.

But the more I come across, the more this feels wrong to me. The more I review, the more I also realize how the criteria has changed and updated over time as more people have nominated and reviewed waypoints, and I can't rely on using what originally made the cut to determine what makes the cut now. Many of these signs are placed into rock features but aren't overly artsy or interesting. I also don't know a lot of people looking to just explore/walk around new residential neighborhoods? So it doesn't really seem like a POI.

So are neighborhood name signs valid wayspots? Is this in the criteria somewhere and I've managed to miss it?

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