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Fishing spots in parks and city harbors

@NianticCasey-ING is it possible to get a reconsideration to these? I actually see a reason with Covid-19 on why they should be allowed. Most parks are still open in most states to allow fisherman and families have the ability to fish for food to eat. Subsistence fishing is considered an essential and valued reason why they would be important to communities. Players having a chance to fish for food they can eat is actually a benefit to most communities. Can we work on maybe what would be needed? Would the picnic area by a shoreline idea work being there is a significant reason to the communities currently?



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    Covid-19 its self is going to be of a temporary nature, so your new attempt at validating these as POI's is bassed on something temporary and not permanent.

    Youve basically invalidated your own argument by saying these are of temporary interest due to Covid-19

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    No it doesn't, they have already been deemed not quality candidates, the whole point of the post is to get them re assessed due to a temporary pandemic.

    So if they failed the first time and are only wanting to be reasseased due to something temporary, that doesn't make them any more worthwhile.

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    @NianticCasey-ING Seriously, reporting as abuse does nothing. Can something be done about a person posting from 2 different accounts to try to manipulate threads in their favor? The same person literally commented 8 or 9 times in a row on a thread earlier.

    And here again they try to manipulate and push boundaries when in the past on an entirely different account they were told no on this exact question. Only thing time they are trying to spin it for Covid-19... this is tiring dealing with someone who can run rampant on the forums despite being banned on the old forum for harassment and buying accounts.

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    Just out of interest, can you post an example of a fishing spot that you would nominate?

    Don't know if the term 'fishing spot' is culturally different, but in my perspective I imagine just a spot you can sit/stand to go fishing. The spot itself wouldn't have anything distinctive and would likely just be a footpath, pier, sand, dirt, etc. and therefore just be considered a natural feature. But if my interpretation is different to yours, I would be interested in seeing in what you would nominate to demonstrate a good example.

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    Preferences -> Ignore List

    Not sure how we're supposedly rejecting your submissions though when we don't know who's submitted what.

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    The ignore list is great for filtering out the trolls, and is helpful for reducing the temptation to take the bait and feed them. The only problem is that if we ignore posts from these accounts, they are still free to overwhelm threads with multiple, back to back posts and spread misinformation to new users who post honest questions.

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    Its not me marking dislike on your posts, I could care less about the "internet points" I will mark like or insightful on peoples good posts but I rarely ever mark dislike. Second, I do use the flag function as I believe someone shouldnt be able to run rampant breaking both the game ToS rules, the forum ToS rules, and just do whatever they please. You can pretend all you want but deep down you know what you've done. From buying accounts, harassing players online and in real life, vandalizing a park, falsifying waypoints, faking google locations, faking OpenStreetMap data, putting waypoints repeatedly on school grounds. Then you also come on here and purposely distort the guidelines. If the Mods paid more attention they would see through your thin veil and see that you are not here to be helpful but instead bend the rules for some sort of weird enjoyment.

    But please go ahead and pretend your not the same person over and over from a state who enjoys some birds.

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    @NianticCasey-ING When we block/ignore someone, we shouldn't be able to see that person or be able to have comments directly from that person. I think the ignore option is a bust and doesn't work properly. Ignoring people should prevent that person from abusing flags and dislikes, they shouldn't be visible entirely. That is the point of ignoring someone. Can you have someone look into this feature because it isn't preventing Agentb0os from commenting directly to us.

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    Aside from the numerous examples we could share of Dice responding to comments for Gabriel, and Vice-Versa, there's this thread where it was very obvious that Dice logged into their Pokemon GO account and showed that their username was the same as Gabriel0332's except with the extra "1" at the end.

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    @NianticCasey-ING Please see above post from @GearGlider-ING proving that a specific user is Breaking the TOS and forum rules.

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    @NianticCasey-ING @NIAPooja Can you please do something about the targeted harassment and derailing of threads by these players. It is a clear violation of the community guidelines to **** a player as they are doing. Families play pokemon go. That is why Pokemon Go became popular. These players assuming one person for everyone on forums is ridiculous. They are derailing threads on purpose. Are we going to continue to allow this to occur?

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    Where are you following the community guidelines?

    III. Treat others with respect

    It’s in everyone’s best interest to keep things courteous and fun for all in the game, in the Community and in the real world. 

    Here are a few principles of respect to keep in mind:

    • Never defame, abuse, ****, harm, ****, or threaten another player.
    • Never violate the legal rights (including the rights of privacy and publicity) of others. 
    • Never impersonate other players or Niantic staff.
    • Never expose players’ identities without their consent (“dox”). This includes any information about another user’s identity, including their name, phone number, email address or physical address, even if a player discloses that info first. 
    • Be respectful towards other players. You can share an opposing idea without being rude or offensive. 

    You are not following them. You are purposely harassing players because you disagree with them.

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    That is a pier and already has guidance. Technically your pier doesn't meet guideline requirements. These should all be allowed in my opinion but some reject because of no signage.

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    Previously it was suggested that picnic tables by the shoreline wouldn't be eligible. Reasoning was people move picnic tables. Yet the same picnic tables in question haven't moved in over a year. We also didn't have covid19 going on. Covid19 actually gives fishing spots a permanent status because we are allowed to be at parks at designated fishing spots to fish for our families. I think Niantic needs to reassess their decision as a result. If it is allowed in a pandemic to have these areas be used by the community to be able to feed their families. They should be allowed to be a wayspot.

    I'd even understand if niantic required signage like piers to make fishing spots eligible.

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    You keep using the "fishing for our families" argument a lot and I really don't think that is an acceptable reason to allow fishing spots.

    The only people that would be fishing for their families are the fishers that don't fish for sport and obviously already know how to fish and where the best spots for fishing are.

    I live in a town that was built pretty much on the fishing industry and other maritime trades/industries. There hasn't been an increase of people suddenly going out to fish for their families because they can still buy fish from the shops.

    Given that in a lot of places people can only leave their homes to do essential shopping or go for medical appointments/pick up medication, the "fishing for our families" argument again isn't acceptable. In the UK, we're allowed out for exercise at least but I can't see the authorities allowing fishing as a reasonable form of exercise, especially if some people have to drive an hour or two to get to a fishing spot.

    I also imagine that in some areas, people won't be allowed into parks and such because of social distancing and such.

    Also, using the current pandemic to justify allowing something to be eligible for submission is a bit low.

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    I would say if there was a sign or proof that something was a fishing spot then go for it, its proveable and it's a gathering spot and technically a sport area

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    Why would I need to look up a Do Not Resuscitate order? As for DPR, I have no clue what you're talking about, but thank you for ignoring every point I've made. As I've already stated, there's hardly been an increase in people going out fishing for their families because fish can still be bought in the shops.

    I'm not arguing that fishing for food is essential but if someone was caught by the authorities, they would have to prove that that's what they're doing but as I said already, the only people that would be fishing for food are those that have the gear to do so anyway, and I doubt people are going out in the masses to buy fishing rods and bait and whatever else to try catch a couple of poxy fish when they can drive to their local shop and buy some fish there instead.

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    DNR is short for Dreams Not Reality which is an Italian glam rock band. Ask @GearGlider-ING all about it he is a huge fan!

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    @NicoSolheim-ING LOL, DNR is also an abbreviation for Department of Natural Resources.

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    Ah! I'm assuming that's an American government office/department then?

    I've always known DNR to be Do Not Resuscitate - saying that I'm 4th generation of healthcare worker in my family - so when it comes to abbreviations, I always think of the ones used in care work first!

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    I'll check them out - been meaning to find some new music to listen to 👀

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