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Beached shipwrecks - seasonal? pedestrian access?

So, last weekend I spend around 100km from my house, going for a walk in Bray-Dunes, France.

The walk through the dunes, was featuring a tour along three old shipwrecks which become visible (and reachable) during low tide. I've nominated two as portals, and got surprisingly swift feedback (under 5 days, while my hometown ones are stuck for 3+months).

Supporting info clearly states they are only accessible over the beach during low tide. One of them has a memorial plaque with info, so they are clearly left there intentionally.

They were both rejected with a few reasons:

  • Pedestrian access. I mean - it's a beach.. what more pedestrian access could one want?
  • Seasonal display. It's not like they remove the shipwrecks and take them indoors at night or during winter. Nor is it a temporary exhibit, they shipwrecks have been there for 80+ years.

There is indeed no streetview imagery, and on aerial it'll look like it's in the sea if it's a high-tide picture. It was tough enough getting a picture without people in it - let alone try and create a photosphere with people walking around.

Is the general consensus here it was correct to not approve for the reasons listed above? I don't mean to use this as a rant - I'm genuinely curious if I should avoid using nominations for things like this. They tick history / cultural very well, you just cannot consistenly reach them 24/7.

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