Can someone tell me how this is become ineligible due to private property

This is place where people and community gathered in the village.

Everyone can access this place and NOT PRIVATE PROPERTY.

Here the object

Here the nearby looks/ around view.

Here the location

-8.562420, 115.119815


  • TorvoTeratos-PGOTorvoTeratos-PGO Posts: 161 ✭✭✭

    I may be getting nitpicky here, but your wording is a bit confusing to me. Can you clarify if this was a nomination you submitted that was rejected for the reason of being on private property or of this was a previous waypoint that has been removed from the game?

    It looks like this is a temple if I'm understanding correctly, so if it was a nomination, then it was probably a random rejection selection rather than an accurate selection. We'd have to see your whole nomination to help give suggestions for what might have triggered the rejection and how to get an acceptance if you try again.

    If this was a waypoint that was removed, perhaps those associated with the temple requested a removal.

  • Zacloyd-PGOZacloyd-PGO Posts: 7 ✭✭

    Yap this is nomination that I submited few days ago.

    So even if this an eligible point but got rejection or bad vote, it will be not become a portal. Isn't it a bit got punished if someones bad vote an eligible nomination ? Not just portal edit we have some issue but this one also.

  • Purptacular-PGOPurptacular-PGO Posts: 195 ✭✭✭✭

    My suggestion is this... be very detailed and clear in your nomination. Don't assume reviewers have background or knowledge about your point of interest. Don't make them Google your nomination to find out what they need to know... tell them everything important up front and they will be more likely to make the correct decision. I have no idea what your point of interest is just from these photos so I might be inclined to reject it too.

    If the point of interest is a temple, for example, name it "XXX Temple" so that reviewers immediately know what it is. In your supporting information, state something like "This is a temple. It is open and welcoming to all. It is safely accessible to pedestrians from the public sidewalk that runs in front of the temple."

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