Rejection of good wayspots

Coordinates- 15.355647,73.923948

Religious places of worship meets the criteria according to the guidelines. And i truly believe that the pic i took is very much clear. What i do not understand is how do they view such a clear pic as blury or of low quality. Even when the chapel is marked on Google Maps yet these bad reviewers see it as a private residential property . This just proves that there are bad reviewers out there just rejecting good wayspots unnecessarily. They are lacking proper observing skills by making comparisons with the supporting pic along with the satellite view.


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    Google Maps doesn't have a street view for this area, so it's possible the Chapel google pin didn't pop up for people, and they didn't feel they could confirm the location of this submission. From the satellite view, it does appear to just be a residential area.

    There may not be room, but is it possible to take a picture of the Chapel from the front of the building? It's preferred to a 3/4 side view like yours is.

    The chapel also does, I hate to say, look a little run down and closed. It's hard to tell that it's still open and not just an abandoned building. Would it be possible to provide a supporting photo (maybe with lights on? or people walking in?), photosphere, or link that shows the Chapel is still up and running? Is there maybe a sign or plaque somewhere designating this a place of worship that you could take a picture of instead of the building itself?

    I agree this is valid. Just providing some thoughts that hopefully help.

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    First of all, it's very hard to tell if it's a church or not in this photo.

    It's hard to distinguish it from the picture because of the trees in front of the cross.

    It's listed on Google Maps, but there's no street view. And the satellite photo is unclear and hard to ****.

    So I can't confirm that this church is really in this location.

    If you would like to make a recommendation for this place again, please do the following

    (1) Take a bird's-eye view of the cross from the front, so that it is clearly visible.

    (2) Add a 360° photo of this place to Google Maps.

    (3) Describe the story of this church in detail.

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    By the way, if you have a duplicate of this location, please repair Google Maps.

    I was curious to see the Intel Maps.,73.924062&z=17&pll=15.356644,73.924062

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    It is an old chapel in the village, couldn't get a proper fontal view cause of the branches obstructing the frontal view. But im certain that its not abandoned. Maybe after putting a street view it could work out. Thanks for the info.

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    Yeah that's the problem about it , due to the branches i couldn't take a proper forntal view , but do check out the road layout, there is a T shaped road in front of the chapel . Sure thing thanks👍I'll make some changes and resubmit

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