Main feature in Wayspot photo is gone now

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Title of the Wayspot: Dog Walk

Location: 35.774036,-78.848218

City: Cary, NC

Country: US

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

Photos to support your claim: This is the current photo for the Dog Walk wayspot.

But that entrance trellis has not been there ever since I started playing Pokemon Go in 2017. I tried to submit a photo of the actual dog walk area as it is now, which looked something like this.

Street view is old and still shows the entrance lattice and sign, but satellite view shows the lattice is gone

And here are a couple more photos of the place where the entrance meets the street that i took today.

Additional information: I have also submitted a portal scan through ingress for this wayspot.

Thank you for reconsidering. I like for Wayspots to reflect what is actually there. The dog walk is actually there and well used, but not the trellis in the photo.


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