How long does voting stage take?

I see several posts about nominations those have been remaining for 3-4 months. I have some worries about this because i opened new nomination requests yesterday and i don't know when they will be done. Some players say in past there were no issues about time but nowadays all nominations take long time except upgraded ones. Could you please share your experiences and say why nominations can't be done in short time if you have any idea. Thanks.



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    It really depends on your play area. I recently submitted something in a more rural part of my state and had a 1-week turnaround with no upgrade, but I still have something in non-upgraded voting in a different area that was submitted in April and went into voting in May (another thing submitted in the same timeframe just resolved this past week), so there's no set "it takes X weeks" formula. We do know it seems to take Y votes, but the equation to solve for Y contains too many unknown variables (whether reviewers are red/yellow/green, what the weight of each subcategory is, etc) to be able to give a confident equation for that.

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    It varies, some candidates are in voting for less than 24 hours, others are in voting for months.

    All depends on numerous factors quality of candidate, number of reviewers in area etc etc. There was a UK candidate called Charlotte that was in voting for about a year and it almost became a running joke that lots of reviewers had seen it yet it was still in voting.

  • hi I was wondering when my nominations of these will get of of the voting stage I had 2 from July and some from early August and they haven't got accepted or denied yet I keep checking up on them on the website every day and so and they still just say stuck in voting

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    We don't know how long it takes as Niantic wants to keep much of the interworkings secret. However, I still have ones from the beginning of May in voting while other people have ones from the beginning of the year. If you want a resolution, you need to get an upgrade.

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    Niantic keeps tweaking their algorithms, so some of this may no longer be true. But this is roughly how it was explained previously.

    1. There is NO maximum number of votes on a nomination before it's done.
    2. There IS a minimum number of votes.
    3. To be accepted, a minimum percentage threshold of "accept" votes must have been cast.
    4. To be rejected, a minimum percentage threshold of "reject" votes must have been cast.
    5. AS SOON AS that one last vote gets cast, where one threshold or the other gets crossed, the nomination is IMMEDIATELY accepted or rejected.
    6. If neither threshold gets met, the submission will just ... linger.

    This means that may "iffy" nominations can stay in the Voting queue almost forever.

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