Why do you think this was rejected?

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This is my 2nd attempt at submitting this specific POI.

Title: Taste of the Gold Life | Description: Beautiful neon mural on the street. | Supporting information: New building, directly behind the bus stop seen on the map. Painted on publicly accessible wall OUTSIDE of an ice cream parlor (not inside the shop, NOT GENERIC BUSINESS. This nomination is for the ART, not the shop). | Main photo | Supporting photo | Location

Rejection reasons: "The real-world location of the nomination appears to represent a generic store or restaurant, Photo appears to include a recognizable face, Photo of the nomination appears to be of a live animal instead of a valid object."

(This post acts as another part of my investigation of the current phenomenon of all submissions in my city being rejected.)

What do you think?


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    I'm not sure, but one thing that I always hate as a reviewer is when the supporting statement says that the submission is not the business, but rather something inside the business, and states it's not a generic business. Both of those statements lead me to get extra suspicious of the the submission and has led me to reject some that I might have otherwise accepted. For those interested, in one case, it turned out to be a generic piece of art that appears in all stores for that chain and in the other, it appeared to be a chalk painting.

  • Maybe the recognizable face, despite this the nomination looks good and should be approved.

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    I've had to state that since the last time it was rejected for "generic business". It's not even inside the business, it's outside.

    It's not the first time I'm hearing people saying that they reject because of detailed supporting information and frankly, it's maddening. It feels like a lose-lose situation. If I don't detail, it gets rejected. If I DO detail, it STILL gets rejected.

  • Maybe they thought it was a generic business, or that it was indoors. I would really focus on the ART when you submit it again. Don't even discuss that it's a business. Maybe include it's art in a public picnic area/gazebo/gathering place instead of a business, it sort of looks like that in the photo. That will separate it from the business and those types of locations are approved.

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    Some things painted on walls are art and others are just custom advertising for businesses... I think you need to demonstrate that your submission falls into the former category rather than the latter. I would zoom in a bit on the mural to make the human figure the focal point, and use the description to explain specifically what the mural represents. Name and describe the artist if you can.

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    It’s a nice piece of art, but it says - Golda (?), taste of the good life. Is this the name of the business? And is this business a chain or is it a local shop?

    The rejection reasons are not always relevant, it’s a common problem and it happens to everybody - not just in your city. It happens even when the rejection itself is correct (which may be the case here).

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    Thought I might provide an update on this.

    Still getting rejected, several attempts later, over the course of months.

    The most recent rejection reasons are "The real-world location of the nomination appears to be on private residential property or farm, Photo appears to include a recognizable face, Nomination does not appear to be permanent or appears to be a seasonal display that is only put up during certain times of the year."

    This is the current main photo, this is the supporting photo.

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    Recognizable face is ridiculous.... Its a piece of artwork, there's no person in the picture other than the one in the art!

    I've had 2 pieces of artwork related to businesses approved, one is a graffiti mural of food and drink at a corner shop (on the outside wall) and one was a mosaic pattern at a tile shop. Both are related to the business but were unique artwork on an external wall at the business. Both were actually approved first time, which surprised me. I didn't go out of my way to mention the business or hide that it's at a business, I just hoped the art would speak for itself.

    I don't see what you could do differently here.. I think its really cool and should be eligible without any issue. Have you upgraded it, or left it in the normal queue? I'd say try the opposite to what you've done before, to get different reviewers.

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    Thinking more..... Maybe call it 'Neon Art' or something else that's really dull but explains exactly what it is. You can edit later to be the correct title - maybe put the title in the description for now. I called mine 'Mosaic Art' and 'Corner Store Mural' just to say exactly what the picture was, to show its artwork right away... Sounds stupid but maybe it would help?

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    HI @FrealafGB-PGO, thank you for your ideas!

    I've tried putting "art" in the title before, as well as updating/not updating (the most recent time, with the rejection reasons I've listed above, it was upgraded). I can try tweaking the title again next time, it won't hurt, although I doubt it'll help either.

    The truth is that I know for certain that this is getting rejected on purpose by an organized group of local reviewers as "revenge". Which is why I think that even if I don't upgrade it, it'll still get rejected (they're located in a neighboring city). I've got several other nominations in a similar situation.

    Until Niantic does something about either these abusers or invalid rejections, I doubt this will change. At least they recently promised the latter will be addressed in the future...

  • FrealafGB-PGOFrealafGB-PGO Posts: 354 ✭✭✭✭

    That's really sad to hear... I don't really understand why a group would do that either... I hope that stops, because its not right at all!

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