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This is one of my latest nominations, it has been in voting less than 24 hours and came out rejected. It's a patchwork mural in wool made by the Urban Knitting Association in Zaragoza, it hangs outside a beautiful Renaissance Aragonese palace which accommodates the CIPAJ, an Information Center for young people in the city. The center has been developing its social activities among the community for the last 37 years and the mural represents the cover of the 30th year anniversary magazine, a bulletin the center publishes monthly and which portraits local young artists works. The description reads: " Patchwork made in wool by the Urban Knitting Association in Zaragoza that hangs outside the building that houses the CIPAJ. It commemorates the 30th anniversary of the center's bulletin, celebrated in 2013, and it reproduces the cover."

I don't understand what's wrong with it but it appears to not raise any questions at all so I trust somebody can show me the light...


  • Skywalkered-PGOSkywalkered-PGO Posts: 103 ✭✭✭

    It's a valid waypoint but the problem, I'd imagine, is that your image seems to include the phone's user interface (time, navigation buttons, etc.) which would definitely cause it be 1* rejected for including extraneous objects and/or using a 3rd party photo. Resubmit using a plain photo of the POI and you'll be fine.

  • Minergav-PGOMinergav-PGO Posts: 21 ✭✭

    I would recommend cropping the photo to show only the actual photo. If this is a photo you did not take yourself (sorry i cant tell) then go take one yourself when you are submitting the waypoint through any of niantics games. I hope your submission gets approved the second time around and trust me you are lucky your waypoint was only in voting for one day, in my experience it has been taking over a month for waypoints in my area to get approved.

  • Akeca-INGAkeca-ING Posts: 18 ✭✭

    Thank you both! You're absolutely right. It's the first time I used a previous photo (also mine) to send a nomination, instead of taking one there at the moment, and didn't realize I sent a screenshot instead of a proper picture. No wonder!

    I knew somebody would help me. Let's hope next time is a breeze (and yes, my area has a pretty fast turnaround, that's one positive thing)

    Thanks again!

  • TorvoTeratos-PGOTorvoTeratos-PGO Posts: 161 ✭✭✭

    I just want to throw in that I'd be concerned that an unprotected textile display open to the elements could also be a temporary feature, tbh.

  • Akeca-INGAkeca-ING Posts: 18 ✭✭

    @TorvoTeratos-PGO Thanks, I'll make sure to clarify that in the comments.

    It's unprotected (and a little dirty on the edges, after the years), probably because the local weather is extremely nice (no snow, not much rain, just the cierzo, when it blows) and the display hangs on a building located in a pretty narrow street, which means it doesn't get that much direct daylight either.

    In any case, the CIPAJ is not a museum, it doesn't offer exhibits, and if you google it you'll find that the 30th anniversary happened in 2013. The patchwork has been there since.

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