Will anything be done about false rejections?

Apologies of this is posted in the wrong section, or if these types of threads are frowned upon, but I’m quite livid right now.

I have submitted this nomination twice.

first time no streetview existed of it. Okay, fair enough, easy to see from the map view but I’ll try harder this time.

I creates 2 photospheres of this greenery, literally explained in my supporting information that these types of nominations (public greenery / park sign) are legible, they get approved around the UK very often.

and it was rejected for...

low quality photo??

generic business???

I don’t even need to explain why these are incorrect.

so my question is, will anything be done about people who reviewer things incorrectly and abuse the system, any what’s our incentive to nominate if things we spend hours, and HOURS on getting through the system gets falsely rejected?


  • DukeOfBellaire-PGODukeOfBellaire-PGO Posts: 74 ✭✭✭

    I think the reviewers were trying to tell you with limited selections that a "generic business" may have been selected to mean generic sign. Close enough.

    Preaching to reviewers that "park signs are eligible as wayspots" is cocky and overconfident. It's a turn off to gold badge reviewers like me.

    Photo quality could be implying that the Wayspot image and viewing interest is low. Looking at the area, I'm appalled at the lack of garden maintenance, lumbers, and uninstalled windows as junk tossed around. This seems uncharacteristic for England known for beautiful gardens and landscape. Going through the alley with no escape between the walls and possibly really dark at night makes me feel uncomfortable to suggest unsuspecting visitors to lead down this path.

    No matter how hard you retake this photo or justify this, it most likely will get rejected again. You've ranted here and now it's time to move on.

  • cyndiepooh-INGcyndiepooh-ING Posts: 767 ✭✭✭✭✭

    I feel your frustration. Just had this trail marker rejected as "Nomination appears to be a natural feature (waterfall, mountain, lake, etc.) that is not connected to a man-made object." Didn't even realize the shadow of my arm is in the photo which probably caused the rejection but that wasn't given in the email. Have to take the rejection reasons with a grain of salt.

    I am also a gold badge reviewer in Pokemon Go (onyx in Ingress) and from what I can see the Alley deserves to be a Wayspot. I agree that telling reviewers that it is eligible tends to turn us off, so I would just stick to pointing out how they can confirm placement, or link to an official list of these green spots, or similar extra information that shows how we can confirm this is a valid poi. But there may be extenuating circumstances I can't see here. Like if the alley sign is beside a private driveway, I would reject it as impeding that.

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