How exactly should I do to request location edit >10m?

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So as per general rule, anyone should request the Wayspot edit in-game first before appeal it in this forum if somehow it got rejected, and that's applied for any location edits that is more than 10m. Many players didn't aware of this, and @NianticKN-ING suggest to request it first through this link:

However, the link provided is only for requests from owner or administrator of the location where the Wayspot located.

Did the link really the correct place to request location edits more than 10m? Or is there any other way to request it?

Thank you.



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    They also will only respond to existing PokéStops and Gyms. They will not move POI that only exist as Ingress Portals. This is not an appropriate tool for Ingress Agents. Additionally, the form is only set up for removal requests.

    @NianticCasey-ING this edit request process could have ended up being much better for a lot of people but is ending as a dumpster fire. Will there be an actual process rolled out soon? Will @NianticKN-ING be held accountable for responding to requests in the manner you told us to report them?

  • Thanks for reaching out, contrary to what KN said, the proper way to request these edits is to submit them in app. I will touch base with them to update them on the process.

    Additionally, I hear your feedback on the edit request process @Gendgi-PGO (and others) and am working to improve the process. For now, I've created a new section of the forum where these requests can more clearly be differentiated from location appeals and have moved the previously rejected threads there. KN and the team will be taking a second look at these requests while I work with the Wayfarer team to streamline the edit request process.

    Thanks for your understanding

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    So..., we have to wait longer?

    Also a question, in order to request location edit >10m at this moment did the screenshot of rejection email still required or not? I saw some of the requests with attached screenshot (not sure how they request it) were accepted.

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    Considering I had a Wayspot wrongfully removed, I would NOT suggest reporting it invalid, @patsufredo-PGO. I would suggest just going for it and asking the Wayspot to be moved in the new section.

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    How to move a wayspot more then ten meters? It's a bit complicated but I'll walk you through it.

    To start, you need to acquire a pigeon. I understand that in the future doves and similar birds will work but for now it's exclusively limited to pigeons. The pigeon must be alive and in good health, and will not be harmed in the process. You will also need a carrier,-- a cardboard box with holes will be sufficient.

    Take the pigeon to the place you would like to have the waypoint moved to. While facing the existing location of the waypoint place the carrier on the ground. Stand behind the carrier facing the existing location.

    It's very important that you complete this step precisely as specified. Without taking your eyes off of the old location take one step to the right, followed by three steps forward, three steps to the left, three steps backward, and two steps to the right. If you've done this correctly you will be back where you started. Stand on your starting location, hold your arms straight out to the side, and rotate one full turn clockwise.

    Again face the existing location. Take one step to the left, three steps forward, three steps to the right, three steps backwards, and two steps to the left. You should again be in the starting location.

    Point to the ground with both hands. Jump three times, saying "Here!" each time while you are in the air. This actions summons the waypoint to its new location. You may translate "Here!" to your native language if you prefer.

    Drop gracefully to your knees, whisper "Here!" one more time, and release the pigeon. When the bird flies to the existing location and poops on it your move will be successful.

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    @NianticCasey-ING I think your post for the form is a good start. Can the form be modified so that we can receive feedback that a report has been received? Will we receive feedback when a report has been closed?

    One complaint you see raised frequently is that the form is not properly responded to in a reasonable time. What kind of timelines do you see these new reports being acknowledged? The feedback that they get closed can be critical to avoid us reporting the same thing multiple times.

    Also... can you please provide feedback to my post earlier about what the correct method will be for me to request reinstatement of the portal that was removed when I followed your advice? Thanks!

    Edit: just saw your comment in the other thread - thanks! I don't know the exact location of where the POI was but it the title was Statue of Circling Children located approximately 41.626492, -93.736936

    When/how will I receive feedback from the team you are requesting re-review it?

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    I want to echo @Gendgi-PGO's concerns above about communication regarding this form. With the forums, we can see when the report is dealt with and follow up as appropriate. Can you guarantee that all reports for location edits (and photo reports) will receive a response, regardless of the outcome? Will there be a way to respond to the outcome with more information? (I understand that it may be impossible to respond with any useful information to reports of abuse.)

    Also, having looked at the form, how is the reporting party to send you geotagged photo(s) or other evidence? There's no spot for such a thing on the form. I could upload them somewhere and add links in the additional comments, but if you don't want to have to reject 90% of requests, I would think a specific field for image links (if direct image upload is not possible) would be useful.

    Edit: I just submitted a report through the form and it says "Thanks for reporting this issue. We will review the report and take the necessary actions. Note that you will not receive a response once the report has been reviewed." Not too thrilled if that's the case.

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    I assume the intent would be Niantic looks to see if it's an obvious move (a statue or building visible on satellite) and if not they reject it - but if we don't receive feedback that it was rejected, we cannot appeal. Additionally, if they cannot find it on satellite and remove the POI (as they did with mine), it creates a bigger mess trying to get it reinstated and can have drastic implications for Pokémon GO POI. And with the timeliness of appeals, it could be weeks or months before reinstatement, if at all.

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    Sorry to tag you, but...

    It's been a month since this. Most of the over 10 meter move requests are still unanswered.


    As a sidenote, I made a few location moves through the form when it came online. In my opinion simple "check the satellite view, it's in the coordinates I provided" situations -> no change on game map yet.

    Anyone has any kind of idea about the time the procedure takes? And/or has anyone actually managed to correct locations through the form?

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    If you're requested any location edits through the form, you'll notice that you won't even get any feedback even if the requests were successful. Also, you still can't appeal any request using that form.

    I didn't know if Niantic ever check the form and take actions from it, assuming the same form used to report abuse wasn't effective at all since abusers keep doing what they do.

    However, I'm pretty sure the team are still working at revamping abuse reports and location edit requests, so I hope we will get any answer, soon.

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    I've had two waypoints corrected using the form, both took roughly 23 days.

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    My "tests" finally moved, took about 40 days, (didn't check the map daily).

    Location edits over 10 km subforum that NianticCasey created has been removed and I can't find my thread through "My discussions" in my profile. Couldn't find through search function either.

    Same situation for others or just me not knowing the forum functions properly?

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    Forty days?! Where I live things go into voting within a day or two. Did Niantic bite off more than they could chew with the new process?

    People kept making abusive edits and nominations because they were never (rarely?) punished for doing so and now we have this ridiculous situation. It really is a tragedy what's gone on. Several Wayspots (that I know of) in my area are in the wrong place and a quick look at the updated sattelite view or Google Street View would show that easily to reviewers. Honest players surely outnumber the dishonest ones and my much needed edits would get approved in an instant. Or does Niantic think there are more dishonest players than honest ones?

    No way I'm going near that form. Who knows what could happen. They don't even have it in them to offer feedback or appeals.

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