Location Edit Appeal "Teufel über Eingang"

Title of the Wayspot: "Teufel über Eingang"

Location now: 51.045042, 13.795778

Real location (see photos and coordinates in meta data): 51.044808, 13.796494

City: Dresden

Country: Germany

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

Photos to support your claim:

Photo, taken at the active location of the wayspot (meta data of photo reads: 51.045031, 13.795747)

Photo, taken at the real location of the wayspot (meta data of photo reads: 51.044808, 13.796494)

Additional information:


I recently reported this wayspot as "permanently removed" (which was declined) because I couldn't find it in the area. But afterwards I eventually found it a few buildings away. So please move the wayspot to the right location or remove it.

Thank you!

Daniel / Dashu2411



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