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This is the station for bicycles in the town of Parabiago, near Milan, Italy. It has been built since a few months. Above you can see the signs that specify everything that is written in the description. This is the only bike station in town. It has a considerable size. It is accessible because you enter with your health card. It is visible from the street, also thanks to the support photosphere. The place is very safe thanks to the sidewalk and the cycle path that starts right next to them. It pushes people to make a cultural choice aimed at respecting the environment. Niantic has always pushed to explore, to play sports ... safety. This point of interest pushes the game in that direction. For this reason it has a very high cultural value. Every dare is in order and yet it is the second time it is rejected.

I can understand that small and paid stations are refused in large cities like Milan, where there is one for each street, but here it makes no sense.

TRANSLATION OF DESCRIPTION: Station for free bike parking near the Parabiago train station area. Structure created thanks to the European development fund in association with the Lombardy Region and the Municipality. You enter thanks to your personal health card.

SUPPORT INFORMATION: spherical photo: https://picasaweb.google.com/101535745769344596660/6869001844483529681#6869001844171314514 From the support photo you can see that at the bottom there is the station. POI of high social, cultural and environmental value. Safe place.

Was rejected for: does not meet the criteria .. just that.

I understand it even less, when in municipalities nearby, much larger, such stations, without any claw or indication, have been accepted.

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