Please Help! Valid Nomination Getting Rejected Again and Again.

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This is a valid Nomination which has been getting rejected for the past 2 times. Please help. Post Office is an eligible nomination, since its a government office (POI) that brings people together. Please help me to improve this nomination.

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    I think the sign is quite faded and maybe that is putting off reviewers. The people who just take 1 glance at a submission and make their opinion straight away might reject because they can't see what it is straight away. I have had issues with an older sign for an eligible submission before.

    Is there another sign, maybe over the door that is in better condition? You can try a picture of that instead?

    Otherwise maybe try to zoom in more on the sign to make the text stand out as much as possible? On my phone I am able to vary the exposure so that I can make something brighter or darker. You'd want the sign a little darker to hopefully make the white text stand out better.

    I also think you can make the supporting information better by simply stating your case rather than telling people it is eligible. Rather than say post offices are eligible, maybe say "Post offices are important for the local community because......."

    For example in the UK Post offices are not just for sending cards, presents and legal paperwork, they are also places to apply for a passport and other important government documentation, so they are very important for citizenship purposes as well. I imagine they are similarly important elsewhere.

    Good luck!

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    Well my long, thought-out detailed reply with photos seems to have vanished. So the short version: Per help, under "Potentially Confusing Nominations" it says "Post offices - Eligible, as long as they are standalone buildings rather than individual postboxes, windows, etc. " When I searched for "IITM Post Office" I got a pin that doesn't even show a building there, and shows people inside collecting mail from a window. You may have to use the Street View App to drop a photosphere to show people that this is a standalone post office. Otherwise, it probably won't be accepted.

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    Posts/comments with photos need to wait for a moderator to approve them.

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    Having found the location on Google, there is no streetview or similar, so to help identify the location better, you might want to upload a photosphere, that should help.

    And like others say a clear photo of the sign will also be vital.

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    i did a google search on IITM to try to figure out why this wasn't going through. this is what i saw

    Under help "Potentially Confusing Nominations" the criteria stated is "Post offices - Eligible, as long as they are standalone buildings rather than individual postboxes, windows, etc. "

    From what I can see on Google Maps, there isn't even a building there. I am not saying it isn't, just that I can't see it. Much less a stand alone post office with that picture that pops up of people inside getting their mail from a window.

    If you can drop a photosphere using the Street View app, it would definitely help to establish that this is a stand alone post office and not just a window. Otherwise, I don't see it being accepted.

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