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Hi all.

Have another sub that I feel (and others I've asked) fits the "hidden gem within a community" criteria as it was rejected once today for not meeting criteria reason on the email. I realize what your about to see isn't something that's outlined as a clear accept/reject in the help/criteria list in Wayfarer and it's something that requires thought of the reviewer and isn't just a quick/easy submission to review correctly.

The bitly links go off to the following websites, I use them since it's easier to copy/paste for mobile reviewers. I could link 1 or 2 more articles about it, but that might be a little overkill on the TLDR.

I'd like to say that this isn't just a random toilet, it's award winning, it's maintained by the local community of volunteers who live around the area, it's used by the Walkers are Welcome ramblers when they're passing through the village, all in all it's got a quirky story behind it, I've thrown as much as I can at the submission.

Thank you 😁


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    I would never follow a link put by a random stranger.

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    I actually like the submission, and I'd probably score it quite highly - it's well written and I think if it was a simple submission of public toilets it would always be rejected but these seem a bit different and are interesting.

    I would also prefer a full link.

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    I would never, ever submit or approve a toilet. It seems like the last place you would want to draw a crowd. However, someone else managed to get this through near me this April: Bond Comfort Station "Take comfort in this stationary pitstop for a bio-break" with a photo of the sign - will post a screenshot separately if it will let me.

    If you are really intent on getting this through, these things would make me consider it. Title something like "Loo of the Year 2019" or "Love Our Loos Award Winner". If there is a plaque indicating the award, submit a close-up of that instead of restrooms for the main photo. The description looks good as is. I also would never click on the link, so just say "please google" baildonwalkersarewelcome if you think the links are too long. Good reviewers would Google anyway, if you can get us past immediate rejection of a toilet.

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    The murals seem to be the main draw of this POI. No matter how nice a toilets they may be, or which awards they've won, they're not really a tourist attraction. I would perhaps focus on the murals instead, or at least get a picture of them in the supporting information.

    Indoor waypoints are tricky to pull off though, especially since I can't imagine there's a lot of room inside for people to congregate.

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    when i try to post a copy/paste screenshot of the referenced wayspot, my comment disappears. does a link to where i posted it in our local discord chat work?

    and to be clear, i 1*d the nomination when it came through.

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    The referenced restroom submission that did manage to get approved. Not mine, to be clear, and I rejected it.

    [so my comment did show up with the screenshot, just much later]

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