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Title of the Wayspot: Büste Erich Köster

Location: 53.596519,13.307761

City: Trollenhagen

Country: Germany

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

Photos to support your claim:

Additional information: In the photo you can see the bust - and in the background a building. At this point there is only the parking lot! This can be seen more than clearly on the satellite view. The location is wrong. The portal was submitted there by the submitter for better accessibility. Unfortunately, the correct location cannot be determined as access to the site is restricted. Theoretically, the location could be in front of each of the barracks.

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  • Insufficient Evidence - Resubmit Appeal- Thanks for the appeal, Trainer. Due to insufficient evidence, we’re unable to remove the Pokéstop/Gym in question.

    If you have additional evidence to share, please submit a geotagged image of the POI location and we’ll take another look.

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    As I said, access is restricted. I can't take photos of evidence there. This is military area.

    I thought that the satellite view in connection with the main photo would be clear enough to determine that the location is nowhere near correct. That is not "only" 10 meters. So I tend to delete it so that it is re-submitted in the right place.

    If I had access I would not ask for deletion, but provide evidence and request a move to the correct location.

    So it's just **** right now. The submitter is happy and I can't do anything except watch how he conveniently takes advantage of it.

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