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Title of the Wayspot: Caladenia Grove: Grass Trees

Location: -32.076708,115.899697

City: Perth

Country: Australia

Screenshot of the Rejection Email:

Additional information:

Correct location is approximately -32.077235, 115.900600.

This sign is on a walkway around a nature preserve which requires various signs on brick pillars containing information about native flora and fauna. For whatever reason, when these signs were submitted years ago the locations of the some of the signs were significantly off.

The "Grass Trees" sign is misplaced by approximately 100 metres.

Photosphere at the CORRECT location: https://goo.gl/maps/PiKNEx7YrrK1K3rp8

This photosphere shows the Grass Trees sign (unfortunately there is a bit of graffiti but the text on the sign is still readable)

The accuracy of the photosphere location can be confirmed by matching up key features in the photosphere with objects visible on the satellite map, including the concrete drain near the 'Grass Trees' sign and the tree and turning lane in the middle of the road.

Photosphere at the CURRENT (INCORRECT) location: https://goo.gl/maps/wMmx7L56bZATVoM4A

If you look at the location where the Wayspot is currently located, there is a sign but it is for 'The Frogs of Caladenia Grove', not 'Grass Trees'.

The accuracy of the 'Frogs' photosphere can be confirmed by rotating the photosphere around to see the street sign and lamp post, which are both visible on satellite. Also you can see the start of the darker-coloured bus lane.

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