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More questions about Gates

Happened to seeing this across reviewing, this is a series of entrance gates to neighborhood that become Wayspots.

Started from this point (-6.749351,108.470889), here's a gate (1) that become Wayspot:

Then, go south for a few meters, and here's another one (2):

And another one (3) across it:

Again, go south for another few meters and another one (4):

Go south again for another few meters and another one (again, 5):

And one (6) across the previous one:

And go for another few meters again to south, and found another one (7);

Hence the series will become like this in the map:

As many submitters in my country would most likely submit gates like this (over, and over), so my questions:

1. Judging from the appearance first, would any of them actually eligible or not at all? (Provided all of them still have safe pedestrian access but not properly looked by Western reviewers)

2. If so, which one(s) would be eligible?

Well that's it for now. Thank you.


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