Welcome to the forum!

We are so excited to welcome you to the Niantic Wayfarer Community Fourm! This post is intended to be a guide of sorts, a way to help you understand the goals and intentions behind the creation of this Community.

We decided to launch it with the intention of bringing players from across the world together to connect, chat and share their experience and insight into Niantic Wayfarer. This community will also be a place that you can look to find information about the criteria, updates on emerging and known issues and ask questions of one another.

You may notice that information from Pokémon GO and/or Ingress will automatically be uploaded into your Forum profile. This information includes your Agent Codename or Trainer Nickname and a three-letter abbreviation indicating which game you use to login (e.g. Remy-PGO).

The Niantic team is also active on this channel and will occasionally drop into discussions to share our thoughts or provide answers to questions. 

Thanks again for joining us and we look forward to connecting with you!



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